• 2.MLQ2-63(4P)
  • 1.MLQ2-63(4P)
  • 3.MLQ2-63(4P)
  • 4.MLQ2-63(4P)
  • 5.MLQ2-63(4P)
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  • 2.MLQ2-63(4P)
  • 1.MLQ2-63(4P)
  • 3.MLQ2-63(4P)
  • 4.MLQ2-63(4P)
  • 5.MLQ2-63(4P)
  • 6.MLQ2-63(4P)

Home use MLQ1 4P 16A-63A ATSE automatic transfer switch manufacturers ATS automatic changeover switch

The product has the functions of overload and short circuit, and also has the function of outputting closing signal. Especially suitable for lighting lines in ofice buildings, shopping malls, banks, high-rise buildings, etc.

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MLQ2-63 dual power automatic transfer switch is specially designed for dual power systems with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 400V, and rated working current below 63A. It allows selective switching between the two power supplies as required. The product has overload and short circuit protection functions, and can output closing signal. Especially suitable for lighting lines of office buildings, shopping malls, banks, and high-rise buildings. The product complies with IEC60947-6-1 and GB/T14048.11 standards. It has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, high precision, complete protection function, small size, high breaking capacity, short flashover, compact structure and beautiful appearance. Quiet operation, energy saving, easy installation and operation, and stable performance. Normal working conditions: Ambient air temperature: the upper limit shall not exceed +40°C, the lower limit shall not be lower than -5°C, and the 24-hour average temperature shall not exceed +35°C. Installation site: the altitude should not exceed 2000m. Atmospheric conditions: When the ambient air temperature is +40°C, the relative humidity of the atmosphere should not exceed 50%. It can be higher at lower temperatures. When the average minimum temperature of the wettest month is +25°C, the average maximum relative humidity is 90%. Special measures should be taken to address condensation on product surfaces caused by changes in humidity. Pollution level: Class II. Installation environment: There is no strong vibration or shock in the place of use, no harmful gas that corrodes or damages insulation, no obvious dust, no conductive particles or explosive harmful substances, and no strong electromagnetic interference. Use category: AC-33iB.

7.MLQ2-63(4P) 8.MLQ2-63(4P)

Rated current
Rated voltage
DC250V 400V 500V 750V 1000V
Rated frequency
Poles Number
Breaking Capacity
Brand Name
Mulang Electric
Operating temper
BCD Curve
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