• 2.MLQ5-250A
  • 2.630A
  • 1.400A
  • 1.MLQ5-250A
  • 3.160A
  • 4.MLQ5-250A
  • 5.MLQ5-250A
  • 6.MLQ5-250A
  • 2.MLQ5-250A
  • 2.630A
  • 1.400A
  • 1.MLQ5-250A
  • 3.160A
  • 4.MLQ5-250A
  • 5.MLQ5-250A
  • 6.MLQ5-250A

MLQ5-16A-3200A Dual Power Transfer Switch Automatic Generator Changeover Switch

The overall design of the MLQ5 switch is a marble shape, small and sturdy. It has strong dielectric properties, protection ability and reliable operation safety.

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MLQ5 isolated dual power automatic transfer switch is a high-quality transfer switch integrating switch and logic control. It eliminates the need for an external controller, enabling true mechatronics. The switch has various functions such as voltage detection, frequency detection, communication interface, electrical and mechanical interlocking, etc., to ensure safe operation. It is designed in a compact and strong marble shape that provides strong dielectric performance and protection. The switch can be operated automatically, electrically or manually in emergency situations. It is suitable for the automatic conversion between the main power supply and the backup power supply in the power supply system, as well as the safe conversion and isolation of two load devices. The switch operates using a logic control board that manages the operation of the motor and the connection or disconnection of the circuit. The motor drives the switch spring to store energy for fast and efficient circuit switching. The overall design of the switch is not only practical, but also beautiful, suitable for many occasions. In summary, the MLQ5 isolated dual power automatic transfer switch offers safe isolation, improved electrical and mechanical performance, and a compact and stylish design. Its properties make it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Standards compliant
MLQ5 series automatic transfer switches comply with the series standards: IEC60947-1(1998)/GB/T4048.1"General Rules for Low-Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment"
IEC60947-3(1999)/GB14048.3"Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment, low-voltage switches, isolators, isolating switches and fuse combinations"
IEC60947-6(1999)/GB14048.11"Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment multifunctional electrical appliances Part 1: Automatic transfer switch electrical appliances"

7.MLQ5-250A 8.MLQ5-250A

1. The diagram above shows the electrical principle of fire-fighting dual power supply and the wiring diagram of external terminals.
2. Record 101-106,201-206,301-306,401-406 and 501-506 as 1,2,3,4,5 terminals, respectively. The switches below
3.250 include 1 terminal,2 terminal and 3 terminal. The switches above 1000 include 1 terminal,2
terminal,3 terminal,4 terminal and 5 terminal.
4.302-303 is the commonly used active closing indication,302-304 is the commonly used double-branchactive closing indication,302-305 is the standby active closing indication,301-306 is the generator terminal.

9.MLQ5-250A 10.MLQ5-250A 11.MLQ5-250A 12.MLQ5-250A

Rated current
Rated voltage
DC250V 400V 500V 750V 1000V
Rated frequency
Poles Number
Breaking Capacity
Brand Name
Mulang Electric
Operating temper
BCD Curve
Protection Grade




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